Anatomy Of A Monster

Everyone’s a Designer

Not long ago, the help of a professional designer was necessary to create a custom garment. It took special skills not only to produce the images, but also to deliver them to the printer in the right format. Creating customized clothing was hard.

With our simple and intuitive tool, anyone can bring their vision to life. Start by selecting one of dozens of products we offer from a gallery. Then choose graphics from thousands of images in our library, which are easily resized and modified. Add text in any font, size and color you like, and simply drag your design elements into place. Your proof comes together on screen as you go.

The process only takes a few minutes and it’s the same whether you’re ordering half a dozen pieces or thousands. If you need to reorder, you’ll find your design saved and ready to ship out again with just a couple of clicks. The Print Monster experience is similar to online shopping, but instead of scrolling through products hoping you find the right one, you create what you’re looking for one step at a time.

Of course, just because we make apparel design accessible to everyone doesn’t mean we want to rein in the talents of those skilled in the digital arts: our system fully supports uploading your own images and designs as well.

Yes, That’s Ink on Our Hands

Once your order is submitted, we get to work. We proudly do all of our printing in-house. This enables us maintain the rigorous quality standards necessary to do business with major brands. We’re able to double check each facet of the printing process from beginning to end. At every level, our employees are encouraged to speak up if they see room for improvement or anticipate an issue.

Choosing not to outsource our printing also means quick turnaround times and greater flexibility for special requests. If you have a large, rush order, we can say with absolute certainty when it will be completed. Our printing capacity is very large and never maxed out, which means we run on time, all the time.

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