Our Story

Our roots at Print Monster go back much further than the current renaissance of screen printing. In 1955, the company that would evolve into Print Monster began in a back bedroom as a one-man operation.

From the Space Age to the Internet Age

As our client base and volume of production has reached a national scope, we have continued to be family owned and operated, acquiring like-minded companies along the way. We attribute our longevity to attention to detail, and never loosing touch with the 1950s work ethic from which we came.

In 2015, we launched Print Monster in order to renew our commitment to staying ahead of the times and offering our clients the highest level of convenience. We understand the custom apparel, print, and promotion process, and have fully reinvented it to make the design and ordering experience almost effortless.

The Making of a Monster

People do things they love while wearing custom designed apparel. They play sports, hold events, reunite with family, promote their businesses, and more. We created Print Monster to make designing and ordering custom garments quick and easy, so that our customers have a little more time to do what’s most important to them.

This website is the sum of all of the experience and feedback we’ve collected over the decades. We are a one-stop shop for orders of any size from amateurs or professionals. Every day we work with major brands, little league teams, and all sorts of organizations in between.

Our philosophy is to take advantage of the best available technology to streamline the garment design and ordering process, without losing the human touch. We empower our clients to create designs quickly and on their own time, but you’re welcome to call us during business hours. You’ll talk to a human who is eager to do whatever it takes to meet your need.

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