Putting the Right Slant on Your Band Shirt

The Slants have awesome band shirts...and you can too.

The Slants are an all Asian-American dance rock band from Portland, Oregon. They bring a bit of 80s synth-pop mixed with modern dance and rock to their sound. They also sell great band shirts, some of which we have had the pleasure of printing for them.

Like the Slants’ music, which is engaging, a little poppy, and also has an urban grit quality to it, their t-shirt designs are intricate, but not overpowering. And just like the Slants’ thoughtful lyrics and layered recordings, you can take their shirts in at a glance, but the more you look at them, the more they have to offer. They’re edgy, but subtly so. Take a look at this recent design:

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 6.22.16 PM

First off, the color choice is great. You don’t see a lot of dark red band shirts. It suggests passion with a hint of darkness–fitting for a band influenced by Depeche Mode, the Cure, and New Order. The design overall is a great mashup of punk styles and Communist propaganda imagery.

Bassist Simon Tam has a marketing background, and when he’s not rocking out, is an author and speaker. Here’s what he says makes for a good band shirt:

It’s got to be something people want to wear. The design has to be catchy. If the band doesn’t have a great looking logo, they can still come up with cool imagery, so that when people look in their drawer, they want to wear it. It should be a fashionable item and not just a promotional item. Bands want their name big and bold on the shirt, and they forget that if the design is really boring, people aren’t going to want to wear it. Plus, I have way too many black band shirts.

There once was a time when bands had to enlist the help of a designer and then order hundreds of shirts all at once if they wanted to sell merch at their shows. That is no longer the case! With Print Monster, you can use our online design tool to create your ideal band shirt and then order as many as you like, or as few as six of them. With this flexibility, you can create many different shirt designs without spending a lot of money. Think how impressed your fans will be when they see all the different options awaiting them at the merch booth!