How Sports Championship Gear Gets Made

Behind the scenes of printing apparel for sports championships.

How did those shirts get there so fast?

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to print apparel for numerous successful sports teams. Often, these teams are playing in high-profile games. It’s always thrilling to see star athletes don one of our shirts or hats for the emotional moments following a championship win. The confetti falls, and there’s something satisfying about seeing champagne sprayed on brand new clothes. However, we often see these moments replayed later, because by the time the game is decided, we are hard at work.

For these outcome-related projects, blank apparel and print instructions are provided to us prior to the event. We have staff standing by, and once confirmation is received, we typically work through the night. Usually, the organization has a truck and driver on site to deliver segmented shipments of the championship gear to the indicated location. For high profile clients, one or multiple representatives from the organization will physically be on site.

Of course, this is for the apparel fans will purchase online or in stores in the days following the win. A limited run of the championship apparel is created in advance for the players and fans at the game. Naturally, both sides of the competition have this gear on hand. Once we print the gear and ship it out, we no longer have a hand in its fate. You may have wondered, “What happens to the losing team’s gear?” Mental Floss reports that it is not put to waste. If your team loses a big game, you may take a little comfort in the fact that somewhere far away, needy individuals will get some new clothes thanks to World Vision.

Another fun thought experiment: when you find yourself watching a major sports competition, imagine you’re in charge of the winning team’s merchandise. Ask yourself at what point you would feel secure enough in the win to call us and say “Start the presses!”